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The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) Imperial County


                        I am Oli Bachie, County Director.      

Oli Bachie

I am also the Agronomy Advisor for Imperial, Riverside and San Diego counties. The Imperial County Cooperative Extension is one of the 64 CE offices of the University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources (UCANR). As an extension office, we serve as a bridge between local issues and the power of UC research. Our county-based staff is part of the community and endeavors to deliver high quality research and educational programs that contribute to safe, healthy, accessible food, sustainable environment and improved local economy of the Imperial county, the state, nation and the globe. Our many educational delivery tools include meetings, conferences, workshops, demonstrations, field days, video programs, newsletters and manuals and attempt to reach as many clienteles as possible. We produce the AgBrief newsletter on a monthly bases containing articles providing information and findings on local issues and publish field and vegetable crop guidelines, encompassing various crop production practices and costs of production.

We have professional advisors in Entomology, Agronomy/Sustainable Agriculture, Irrigation/Water Management, Nutrition, Family and Consumer Science, Vegetable Crops and 4-H/Youth. We are on a process of filling the positions of Weed Science, Plant Pathology and Food Safety and organic production as early as possible. You may click on different Programs on the bar to the left hand side of this page and view each program and the advisors associated with each program. If we can be of any help to you, please feel free to contact us.