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Climate Smart Agriculture

Kristian Salgado is the Climate Smart Agriculture-Community Education Specialist for UC Cooperative Extension in Imperial County. She provides technical assistance for farmers & ranchers with grants and can help in the application process.

Currently, there are three grant funding opportunities available for Climate Smart Agriculture practices, including:

If you would like more information, or to see if you qualify, please feel free to call or email Kristian Salgado at (442) 265-7700 , or kmsalgado@ucanr.edu.

CDFA Climate Smart Ag. Resources

2019 Climate Smart Ag. Programs

Implementing Climate Smart Agriculture in the Imperial County

Climate Smart Agriculture in the News!

Check out the latest media coverage of our program and related info:

Budget Updates: Funding for Climate Smart Agriculture Programs Uncertain from CalCAN blog on May 27th, 2020 Jeanne Merrill 

Secretary Ross at UN Climate Change Conference in Germany from CDFA's Planting Seeds blog on June 17th, 2019

CDFA and UCANR join forces to advance climate-smart agriculture in California from UCANR News Releases on October 24, 2018

CSA Blog
  • Black plastic tarps provide weed control
    Grower Profile #4: Mary Jean Russell, Pickalittle Farms

    Practices: Occultation, cover crops, compost, field borders, reduced tillage, companion planting, crop rotation Mary Jean Russell runs Pickalittle Farm, a diversified vegetable operation in Bakersfield, CA. She provides organically-grown vegetables...

    By Shulamit Shroder
    Author - Community Education Specialist II
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    Grower Profile #3: Nathanael Siemens, Fat Uncle Farms

    Practices: No-till, animal integration, alley cropping, poly cropping, composting, and cover cropping Nathanael Siemens is an organic grower juggling a variety of crops, fields, and systems across California. He has a 150 acre farm in Modoc County...

    By Shulamit Shroder
    Author - Community Education Specialist II
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    Conservation Profile #2: Steven Lee, Quaker Oaks Farm

    Steven Lee, PhD, has worked as the farm manager for Quaker Oaks Farm in Visalia, CA for the past 5 years. This 22-acre nonprofit educational center includes 8 acres of native wetlands, 2 acres of organic mixed vegetable crops, and 1 acre of organic stone...

    By Shulamit Shroder
    Author - Community Education Specialist II