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California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS) is a statewide network operated by California Department of Water Resources. Estimates of the daily reference evapotranspiration (ETo) for the period of April 1 to June 30 for three locations in the Imperial County are presented in Table 1. ET of a particular crop can be estimated by multiplying ETo by crop coefficients. For more information about ET and crop coefficients, contact the UC Imperial County Cooperative Extension Office (352-9474) or the IID, Irrigation Management Unit (339-9082). The Irrigation Management Unit (IID) provides farmers with a weekly CIMIS update. Farmers interested in receiving the updated CIMIS report on a weekly basis can call the IID at the above number. Please feel free to call us if you need additional weather information. Or check the latest weather data on the worldwide web. Imperial County Weather Stations: http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/calludt.cgi/WXSTATIONLIST?COUNTY=IM California weather databases: http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/WEATHER/weather1.html CIMIS web page: http://www.cimis.water.ca.gov/


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