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Healthy Soils Program (HSP)

CDFA Healthy Soil Program
''The Healthy Soils Program (HSP) consists of Incentives and Demonstration projects. These projects provide financial assistance for incentivizing and demonstrating climate-smart healthy soil practices that sequester carbon, reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHG), and improve soil health.''


Source:  CDFA Flyer 2022

HSP Awarded Projects

If you get awarded, you should review the next document that describes the CDFA soil sampling protocol.

Past 2021 HS Awarded Projects:
Awarded project list

Other Resources:
- Salinity Management Website 

- Soil Web: A useful tool to identify the soil type of a certain location.

- UC Soil WebApps: Free resources for getting information about the soil of your field.

List of Soil Testing Labs
Laboratory Location Contact Information
Wallace Laboratories 365 Coral Circle El Segundo, CA 90245

+1 310-615-0116
info @ wlabs.com

Montrose Environmental 929 W Barkley Ave
Orange, CA 92868


No laboratory has been intentionally omitted from this list.

To add or edit information, please email aresendiz@ucanr.edu

HSP Eligible Practices

These practices were selected from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Practice Standards (CPS) and CDFA-specified practices such as compost application and whole orchard recycling.

Cropland Orchard or Vineyard Grazing Land

Additional Practices for Demonstration and Data Collection

- Alley Cropping
- Compost Application
- Conservation Cover
- Conservation Crop Rotation

Visit the site to see the full list

- Cover crop
- Filter Strip
- Mulching
- Hedgerow Planting
- Whole Orchard Recycling

Visit the site to see the full list

- Compost Application
- Hedgerow Planting
- Prescribed Grazing
- Range Planting

Visit the site to see the full list

Additional practices are eligible for funding. 

Visit the site to see the requirements