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Report on 33rd Annual Fall Desert Crops Workshop

For those that were unable to attend, attached is the report on our 


33rd Annual Fall Desert Crops Workshop


33rd FDCW report


Welcome to our New Food Safety and Organic Production Area Advisor

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Jimmy is a trained food safety and food processing professional. He appreciates creating original solutions to assist the food business in addressing issues with food safety and food quality. In order to develop effective and ecologically friendly food disinfection systems, Jimmy's Ph.D. research focuses on combining naturally occurring antimicrobials with ultrasound and UV light irradiation. During that period, he also assisted in the coordination of university extension courses that train local food producers on food safety practices and regulations. Jimmy's interest in business and entrepreneurship has inspired him to take part in a number of business contests tackling food safety and sustainability issues in the food industry.

Jimmy enjoys meeting new people, and his favorite activity is networking. He enjoys traveling and discovering other cultures all around the world.

You can reach Jimmy at (530) 302-6896 or cgnguyen@ucanr.edu www.linkedin.com/in/cuong-nguyen-ucdavis

Links to Recorded Moringa Presentations

On Thursday, October 13th, 2022, UCCE Imperial County held the first Moringa Awareness and Production Workshop. We had a great turnout and were able to have three speakers present on a wide variety of topics related to moringa. Dr. Oli Bachie (UCCE Agronomy advisor and county director) spoke about the history of moringa and potential production in the low desert. Dr. Carrie Waterman (Assistant Professional Researcher, Institute for Global Nutrition, UC Davis) spoke about use of moringa as a nutrient in human nutrition. Finally, Brooke Latack finished the presentations by discussing moringa as a potential livestock feed. Presentations were followed by a discussion period for participants. This lively conversation included discussions on soil types that moringa may grow best or struggle in, timing of cutting trees back, considerations when feeding livestock, and much more.

If you weren’t able to attend and would like to watch the presentations, we have recorded all presentations. The following link (https://ucanr.edu/desertmoringarec) will take you to a survey. After filling out the survey, the links to the recorded presentations and presentation slides will be sent to your email. Included in that information will be a link to a post-presentation survey. Once you have viewed the presentations, we invite you to fill out this survey to let us know what information you would want to see presented in the future. We hope to continue these workshops on a regular basis to grow understanding of moringa and increase its production in the Imperial Valley.


If you have any questions or issues with the link, please contact Brooke Latack at (442) 265-7712.

2023 Guidelines

2023 Guidelines announcement resized



4 Tips To Stay Healthy with CalFresh Healthy Living - UCCE Imperial County

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Kids R Us Preschool

Great video in Spanish.  Wonderful job that CalFresh is doing in our preschools.






Desert Research and Education Center


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Insights: Water and Drought Online Seminar Series

The latest research-based advice on weathering a drought is now available free online.  The UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources is working to help farmers cope with the unwelcome outcome of historically low rainfall the last three years.  UC scientists, with support from the California Department of Water Resources, have recorded video presentations on high-priority drought webpages.

Each presentation is about one half hour in length and are available at the link below:


Click here to visit the Online Seminar Series

Drought Information

The University of California has been extensively involved in research and implementation of water conservation/management strategies throughout the state.  A lot is knows about when and how to most effectively use limited water supplies.  The links below contain a brief introduction. Additional information is available at UC ANR drought website.  http://ciwr.ucanr.edu/California_Drought_Expertise/


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