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Dr. Yu Meng

Youth Family and Community Advisor
Cooperative Extension Riverside County
2980 Washington Street
Riverside, CA 92504
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Also in:
San Bernardino County
Imperial County
Community Nutrition and Health



Dr. Yu Meng is the Youth Family and Community Advisor for Riverside, Imperial, and San Bernardino Counties. She conducts research and academically oversees UC CalFresh Healthy Living, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, 4-H Positive Youth Development, Master Food Preserver, and Farm Smart programs at the UC Cooperative Extension and Desert Research and Extension Center. She has more than 5 years of experience conducting community nutrition research and developing youth development program. Her background is in Nutrition Science with an emphasis on nutrition education and behavior. Dr. Meng is familiar with behavior principles, impact and process evaluation framework, and research-based intervention development. She served as Principle Investigator for several Federal and State funded projects. Her research and programmatic interests include food security, community development, building community capacity, youth engagement, consumer climate change literacy, and obesity prevention.


Ph.D. Nutrition Science, Oregon State University. 2018
M.S. Nutrition and Food Science, Utah State University. 2012
B.S. Food Science and Engineering, Southern China University of Technology. 2010


  • Past President's New Professional Award Western Region Winner
    Presented by National Extension Association of Family Consumer Sciences,  2023
  • Family Health & Wellness Award
    Presented by National Extension Association of Family Consumer Sciences,  2022
  • Regional Communication Award
    Presented by National Association of Extension Family & Consumer Sciences,  2022
  • Innovative Youth Development Programming Award Western Region Winner
    Presented by National Extension Association of Family Consumer Sciences,  2021




Nutrition Science, Nutrition Education and Behavior

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Peer Reviewed

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Non-Peer Reviewed

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