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Primary Member Record Books

Primary (5-8) aged youth are impressionable and respond to exciting and creative activities. This is an excellent time to enhance a child's learning experiences and self-perception. Being defined as a winner or loser at this age is a weak foundation for their development.

You may encourage your primary members to complete a Primary Member Record Book with assistance from their adult volunteer, parents/guardians, or older members. There are two options available:

The state-approved Primary Member 4-H Personal Development Report is very simple and is appropriate for Primary members of any age.

The  Imperial County Primary Member Record Book is also available. This is a non-competitive and age appropriate version of the Personal Development Report (PDR). You may want to use this form for Primary members that are more mature and interested in beginning to build the skills they will use in their future PDRs.

NOTE: Upon turning 9 years of age, a former primary member's years in 4-H, years in all projects, and records of participation and activities for record books all reset. Items listed in any primary PDR do not carry over to future regular member PDRs.