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Knowledge Bowl

2023 Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl 2023

Sunday, March 12 - 3pm


Juniors 3:00pm with Seniors to follow at approximately 5:30pm

Please email jlgarcia@ucanr.edu to register your team by March 8th


Knowledge Bowl Guidlines

All questions for the 2023 Knowledge Bowl will be taken from the following sources, divided into four (4) categories. Collectively these sources will be referred to as the Knowledge Bowl Hand Book:

A.      General 4-H

  1. 4-H Project Leaders' Digest
  2. 4-H Officer Manual
  3. 4-H All Star Ambassador Manual
  4. 4-H Presentation Manual
  5. 4-H Treasure Manual

B.      Large Animals

  1. Beef-Discover Beef-Utah State University (pages 8-111)
  2. Swine-From the Animal's Point of View
  3. Dairy Cattle - Kansas 4-H Dairy Cattle Leader Notebook Level II
  4. Dairy Goats-Getting Your Goat-Dairy Goat Level 1
  5. Market Goats-4-H Market Goat Reference Guide - Penn State
  6. Horse and Horsemanship - Texas 4-H
  7. Sheep-From the Animal's Point of View                                          

C.      Small Animals

  1. Poultry Project Member Guide - Oregon State University Extension Service
  2. Rabbits from the Animal Point of View
  3. Cavies-Cavy Glossary & Judging - American Rabbit Breeders Assoc. Standard of Perfection
  4. Dogs
  5. Pygmy Goats-National Pygmy Goat Association Breed Standard
  6. Updated Pygmy Goats

D.      Still Exhibits, & Other Projects

  1. Electricity-Investigating Electricity
  2. Gardening-See Them Sprout!-Gardening Level 1
  3. Junk Drawer Robotics Level 1
  4. Let's Sew
  5. Nutrition-Vegetable Garden Curriculum
  6. Photography-Discover Photography Utah State University (pages8-49)
  7. Safe Scissor Use-Clover Safe Note #39
  8. Hot Glue-Gun Safety-Clover Safe Notes #56
  9. Using Pliers Safely-Clover Safe Note #90